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Find Elusive Files Fast

Files automatically linked to your key data for quick retrieval.

When you add an attachment to a folder it automatically adopts the meta data from the containing folder. Dragonfly subscribers increase their efficiency by being able to retrieve information faster. Because of Dragonfly’s ability to link custom fields, different folders will be able to link to a specific file again bringing a lot of value to businesses who have multiple people or teams working on the same document such as an invoice.

Live Views of Your Data

Up-to-date versioning of your documents

Multiple people and multiple offices all working off of a document. Dragonfly provides live views of your data so everyone knows exactly the status. This feature saves time, saves multiple emails, and ensures all participants are working off the correct version of their document(s). Replace manual spreadsheets with live views of your data. Using grid view, a saved search can be used as a sharable spreadsheet that can be updatable by anyone. Auto-refresh will update your grid view to see updates made by everyone else. Many companies use this as their bid board.

Reduce or Eliminate Paper Files

Manage and track work all in one place

Dragonfly was created to help organizations move away from paper files. It provides tools to make it easy to create new documents from Dragonfly. It also makes it easy to get paper files into Dragonfly. Since Dragonfly is an online SaaS model, everything is stored in a centralized database that is secure. This enables visibility to authorized personnel of everything being tracked or managed from anywhere.

  • File Add New
  • Existing Files
  • Web Links
  • Network Folders
  • Templates
  • Show where templates are set up

Easy Document Set Up Process

Great for using the same documents over and over again

If there is a document that you use over and over again such as an NDA form or a Sales Invoice, it is very easy to set up a Document template inside of Dragonfly. Create a template, save your master files such as an excel, word, or PowerPoint document. Start a new document inside of Dragonfly instead of inside of your network. This will make your organization easier to manage.

Integrate Email Inbox

Dragonfly was built to emulate information coming into your inbox on your desk

You can customize Dragonfly to flag incoming emails with attachments and quickly get them into the appropriate folders that you have already set up inside of Dragonfly. You can also have Dragonfly use its smart technology to watch folders on your network. When a specific file gets saved on the network Dragonfly can automatically pick it up and and store into Dragonfly.