Dragonfly Features

Feature Description Basic Business Enterprise
Notes, Attachments, and File Cart
Add notes, document attachments, and share documents via the File Cart
Advanced Search, Recents, and Favorites
Easily find folders and documents and set favorites for quick access.
Quick View, Grid View, and Folder Layouts
Control the view and layout of Dragonfly.
Custom Fields, Status, and Priority
Customize Dragonfly to fit your organization.
Automatic alerts for updates to folders.
Saved Searches
Save custom searches and name them for daily use.
Guest Users and Subscribers
Invite guests and allow subscriptions for collaboration with your customers and partners.
Conversation Management
Response to emails generated from Dragonfly are brought back into Dragonfly, including attachments. This ensures all conversations are kept in Dragonfly and not sacked away in your email system.
File Versioning
Dragonfly keeps up to 5 previous versions of your document attachements to avoid loss of work.
Create folders inside of folders for increased organization and improved access to information.
Linked Custom Fields
Magically link folders based on common data in their custom fields.
Default Document Attachments
Automatically attach default documents to new folders to improve consistency in your process.
Advanced Security
Increased control over feature and content access to your users and guest users.
Import Templates
Import templates from the global Dragonfly library to help setup new processes in your organization.
Enables Dragonfly to watch many external email accounts and network folders to improve workflow into Dragonfly.
Task Level Custom Fields
Add custom fields to tasks for enhanced tracking of information at the user assignment level.
Folder Templates
Create folder templates that can be reused when creating new folders to automatically fill in fields and attach common documents.
File Versioning Depth
File versioning can be increased beyond 5 to whatever depth is needed by your organization.
Automatic Network Folders
Enables Dragonfly to create folders on your network that are linked to Dragonfly folders for local storage. Files in these folders remain on your local storage.
Time Alerts
Setup alerts that are based on time or date triggers on your folders.
External Forms
Design forms that can be embedded into your website that create Dragonfly folders, enabling you to process incoming requests from your site.

Is your Folder Management system stuck in the 20th century where access and visibility to a simple document or task is pure torture? Introducing Dragonfly, the most secure and easy way to manage your files, documents and business work flows from the cloud. The challenge in today’s business environments is that folders, documents and assignments are stored and managed in so many different ways that timely access and visibility to these resources is next to impossible. With Dragonfly, teams can search, locate and instantly start collaborating on any anything, regardless of where your team members are located. Teams can even share pertinent notes allowing internal users, vendors and customers to get business done. Get Dragonfly…start collaborating, communicating and connecting!

Dragonfly is the leader in Smart Folder Technology. The meta data in Dragonfly helps you manage and track all work in one place. Files automatically link to your key data for instant visibility and quick retrieval. Dragonfly will eliminate the need for walking around the office to find things. Dragonfly will improve your team’s collective knowledge. Be confident to assign work without losing visibility and have secure access anywhere. There are no IT investments (computers, training, or licensing). Here are key Dragonfly features helping organizations.